Sukiya(a house in the style of
        a tea-ceremony pavilion) Artisan

The artisan, work, and soul
     which are seen to Sukiya


The last Sukiya construction of the 20th
          century which is lost and dies

The tearoom told to the ground of a hill that
Senno-Rikyu built at the Osaka mansion 350 years
ago was restored.
It is also a ground for succession of this tradition
culture one day, being lost.
The tearoom design was performed by Mr. Masao
Nakamura who is the authority of tea ceremony
cultural studies and misfortune store construction
under cooperation of the Japanese culture
lifelong learning promotion meeting 21 which is
performing various activities about tradition of
Japan, culture, and a climate.
Technology of the advanced artisan never made
by machine. Tearooms are training over their
many years, a practical experience, and the
creation art materialized according to the talent.