Trip to Origin of Japanese Beauty

Senno-Rikyu The tea-ceremony room of the illusion
〔90minute ➠10minutes〕

The tea-ceremony room of the illusion"
           called Rikyu's crowning work

The ground of Karuizawa Minamigaoka which
stops many effect of a rich green summer resort -
full restore of the " The tea-ceremony room of
the illusion " which is told to the ground of a hill
that Rikyu built at the Osaka mansion about 400
years ago and which everyone could not finish
was carried out.
In early stages of Showa, global builder Bruno
Taut of Germany which visited Japan touched
traditional architecture of Japan, and has left,
saying "Simplicity, simplicity, silence, purity, and it
are one nature translated into art." Taut admired
the sensitivity of the Japanese who finished the
embodiment of the exquisite balance which
nature has, and it found out that there was
another sense of values exceeding the Western
culture borne by science rationalism there.