Remember Virtue of the Deceased of
   The master carpenter Tuneichi Nishioka.

   〔September 4, 2008, Birth 100 Years〕

which gets to know a tree :

A lecture is very tinged with incandescence to
the fourth volume suddenly. A large veteran
replies to the question which attaches a young
shrine carpenter's important part carefully.
Mr.Ishii "when storing a beam, the deviation of
material was most in difficulties. Although it
curves, it hangs down or a thing case is stored
somehow, when horizontal blur is carried out,
how is The master carpenter> coped with?"
Themaster carpenter "what is necessary is just to
store outside, so that it may bend outside. if a
drooping tree is struck and a tile rides, it will push
in to inside and will call at it -" 「since 」 A dialog
which sinks into the heart one by one continues.
An important thing is taught exceeding a
generation between a teacher and a pupil.
"Kigumi (a wooden framework) being people's
Kokorogumi (mindput together)" - a scene as it is
moving. 「 of oral communication 」