Tsuneichi Nishioka Virtue of the Deceased
   of Touryou is Remembered.
〔September 4, 2008, Birth 100 Years〕

Takumi of the village in Ikaruga :

This is Tsuneichi Nishioka. It is the written
        will of Touryou
(a master carpenter)
The master carpenter Tsuneichi Nishioka was born
to the house of Meiji 41 (1908) year and the
Horyuji Temple Repair carpenter.
It was engaged from the beginning of the Horyuji
Temple large repair which begins from Showa 9
(1934) year, and it was engaged in repair as The
master carpenter until the main hall of a Buddhist
temple and a five-storied pagoda were
completed. However, demolition repair ended the
great portion of noted construction by the Heian
period at Meiji and Taisho every year, and the
non-fixed thing only left Horyuji Temple.
The master carpenter Nishioka met the golden
opportunity of this thousand-years corner.