Remember Virtue of the Deceased of
   The master carpenter Tuneichi Nishioka.

   〔September 4, 2008, Birth 100 Years〕

A shrine carpenter's technique and soul :

Various devices were made so that a climate of
Japan might be suited, and the Buddhist
architecture technique told from the continent
was completed in Horyuji Temple. There is
generosity carried out calmly in Horyuji Temple
compared with other shrines and temples.
The master carpenter calls it "the body which a
fine deep faith (as opposed to / there are
nothings technically and / Buddhism) and workers
can take a horizontal contact to each other, they
also understood each position and a position
mutually, and are building although it is the origin
that there was a very good big material of a
hinoki 「Chamaecyparis obtusa (Sieb. et Zucc.)
Endl.: An evergreen」" about the cause of
bringing about the generosity. The master
carpenter Nishioka is very skillful at finding out the
root view lurking in a technical bottom, and is the
person who thought it as important very much.