Remember Virtue of the Deceased of
   The master carpenter Tuneichi Nishioka.

   〔September 4, 2008, Birth 100 Years〕

A tool and technology :

I had video which edit finished as the final stage
of this work in the house of the master carpenter
Nishioka, and got Mr. Ogawa who are the master
carpenter and the first inner pupil to see.
although Mr. Ogawa learned many things from
"building beam (a master carpenter) when
projection finished - being such - it did not learn
carefully. Since it said, "It did not become if are
done, and you will buy it instantly and it will not
be shown to our pupils", it was laughing heartily.
Since the theme of the third volume was only a
familiar talk, it had a question anyhow asked by
being added to a carpenter, Mr. Ishii.
The order of The master carpenter about
grinding is very severe. "A soul is put, ground and
raised. Trap which is not grinding until it will come
to flip, if water is poured on grinding skin. "