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advanced technology in reformation of a

In order to take harmony with the portion of the surface deleted in order to employ the characteristic of leather skin in instead of [ few ] efficiently, the efforts from which the surface has been smoothly deleted like square lumber in the case of a log puts various creativity, such as coloring, and emphasizes a natural taste which wood grain has.
Whatever it may call it, you may say that the difficulty of a log is in the place which combines an inharmonious log and an inharmonious log compared with square lumber.
If it is a primitive method of binding logs with a rope, it is satisfactory and the technology as a log does not exist there yet.
Technology peculiar to a log is in the place which combines the log and the log by the rational method like square lumber.
Unlike the square lumber sawed up artificially, a log is natural, the by no means more exact one which it is not circular and is at last (point) from the way of a book (root) is thin, and the section is tinged with the bend to some extent.
It must have the material which lacks in such homogeneity, and a perpendicular framework must be formed with it being level.
The straight line which does not move into the component which is not straight is found out. First, Touryou (棟梁= Master) searches for the heart of a log, and recommends work on the basis of one straight line which passes along the heart.
If it already says whether it is the same as square lumber, it will not go in the stage to such a reason. For example, suppose that the horizontal brace of one log clings. When a round thing and a round thing meet with T type, it must be attached so that it may cross automatically.
For that purpose, the component level on a pillar is attached.
In that case, if there is a thing with the skin in one side or both, postponing and processing the quality of two components and the degree of thickness thinness, as clung to the strictly natural figure so that both skin may not damage each other will require efforts and skill considerably so that the skin cannot be turned over.
The appearance of a misfortune store is greatly influenced by the degree which puts superiority or inferiority and the heart of such art.

he heart which the tree has is searched for.
Such technology is the result of misfortune store structure progressing and becoming elaborate gradually, and the man whether to have done simpler work a long time ago is in it well.However, jian (侍庵=Hermitage) was the work with which Rikyu【千利休(Sennno-Rikyu=The master of the tea ceremony of the Azuchi-Momoyama era)】completed that that was not right as a tearoom for wabicha truly.
Supposing that is right, it can be said that the technology shown there was the thing of the simplest stage.
Touryou (棟梁) which received Rikyu's directions directly was the technology which sought originality and creativity. tokogamachi (床框= The makeup rung of the front end of an alcove) is paulownia.
This material is a casual material which has a paragraph in no less than three mituke (見付= The front of a component).
Although the field has offered the form of 3 minutes for height half a sum of 2 suns, and thickness 1-sun 3 minutes, an upper end disappears from the middle, and it becomes natural roundness, and has a form [ having broken the log exactly ].
This is the diagnosis of a very bold material and is usage.
It is never attached easily.
If it often sees, in the way of an alcove post, a priest side is taken and the form of orderly kamachi (框= The makeup rung for hiding the end of boards, such as a floor) is made.
It has changed to natural roundness from the middle. the heart -- the material is efficiently employed well by fine art. Seeing how making kamachi (框) can also know that the high technology of treating a log was already developed.
Also in a log, it is basic work most to make a pillar.
It may seem not to stand and care about a pillar as it is, if it is the log which does not have a difference in a book, an end, and a diameter and does not have a bend.

Also in a log, it is basic work most to make a

It may seem not to stand and care about a pillar as it is, if it is the log which does not have a difference in a book, an end, and a diameter and does not have a bend. the fact -- there are many people who have an illusion that such treatment sees mostly these days and it is the ideal of a log pillar.
However, while it has been round from a top to the bottom, the case of being inconvenient arises as some structure objects. namely, and tobusuma (戸襖= The fittings which stretched fusuma paper to the wooden door.) builds, and it is attached, or [ that a wall is attached ] Moreover, kamachi (框) and ochigakari (落掛= The place where inclined lumber and level lumber are put together.), Kamoi (鴨居= A rung with the slot passed to the upper part of the portion in which a sliding door and a shoji, bran, etc. are inserted. ) the slot passed to the upper part of the portion in which a sliding door and a shoji, bran, etc.are inserted., etc. cling, or Although it covers with a tatami (畳=That with which the floor of a Japanese-style room is covered.), a pillar is never no longer round, and the superficial surface may be needed for it.
By giving the suitable surface if needed, the log as a general material can be again born on the "pillar" which assembles a misfortune store.
In a log, it is set beforehand, processing required as a pillar of the component is given, and it cannot be replaced with other components which log is stood where.
The surface of a pillar presents various form according to the form, unevenness, a bend, thickness, etc. of the material. a structure top which said the surface before -- asking -- although given, it affects the appearance of a pillar simultaneously -- so to speak, it is also the design element of a pillar. surface height and its form -- the expression of a pillar -- building -- occasionally -- forcible -- or senjyaku (繊弱= A weak-looking situation) -- moreover, also thickly and thinly, it shows.
If surface attachment is caused how in the state with a log even if it is frank and seemly, the log which serves as an undignified pillar and is hard to use conversely is also that the skillful surface is attached, and may be completed by the promising pillar.
Although how to attach the surface has grasped kassatu (活殺= Kill with employing efficiently.)

of a log, it is not an overstatement.
The log which has not attached the surface was teaching that it was only the log that has not been finished to construction. Even if it sees now old ruins, there is almost no pillar without the surface.
In the case of the alcove post, low surface attachment called bamboo shoot takamunazura (筍ヅラ= Touch like the surface of a bamboo shoot.) has become like a promise by the end of today.
In the small tea ceremony room of the Rikyu style (利休流), since a slightly thicker log is stood to an alcove post, supposing it attaches the surface to the grade which deletes the portion which overflows into a tatami (畳), it will become takamunazura (筍ヅラ). However, in ukiya (数奇屋S) by which individual work is made, the surface of an alcove post is also various,taking advantage of the characteristic of the log, harmony with other components is also considered and creativity is truly put.
Such making a pillar for a log needs carving-and-clay-sculpture feeling and modeling power not with by no means simple work but with geometric technology.
The surface is not that what is necessary is just to avoid even the height and form. If the round portion and the smooth portion are deleted by touch which is conspicuous, they are not desirable.
The intuition and discretion which are not said for saying the process first deleted one by one with kiru (斫= It cuts.) and a plane by ono (釿= Ax) are needed.
It is well-informed about the heart of the tea ceremony too.

There is peculiar art different from square lumber again in work assembled with a log.