Japanese Traditional Culture

The Technology of Japan, composition of
  Sukiyazukuri And Chashitu.

In the world of the tea ceremony, "Various liking", or "it is fond" and the word of "being given by preference" are used.
This is custom peculiar to the tea ceremony. So to speak, what "is liked" is the special ability of only Cha-shou (Tea Master).
It includes the almost same contents as "a design" of a builder. "
It means that that Cha-shou liked the drawing room in the tearoom had designed." However, since it has not reached there by the design of architectural-skills processing, the details of structure, etc., when it says strictly, it is the thing of contents inadequate as a construction design.
Cha-shou and others has liked not only a tearoom but various kinds of vessels.
Since a worker makes them in fact, Cha-shou's being fond is exactly that a present age expression word designs.
There is also a case of "hand structure" which gives a hand itself, of course. But in a tearoom, he surely has to leave actual construction to Touryou(takumi=Master).
Although the work which old Cha-shou showed to the tearoom of " being fond " has left the field inadequate as today's architectural-skills design, it is very prudent as a design.
To the method of the directions, the special feature of misfortune store construction can truly be taken into consideration deeply.
The size of a tearoom has been thought very much as important since ancient times.
That is because it must be the size which can be used according to brown manners. a tearoom -- the small tea ceremony room from a hall it was reduced gradually and is intricately constituted by narrow space.
Therefore, harmony is difficult and a size has come to be thought as important.
Although there is Kiwari(Tree rate )in shoin-zukuri,there is nothing to a misfortune store.
However, there are a great portion of an eye andStandard .
It can be said that it cannot but be the feeling of Touryou.

At this time, the circumference is dark and
  only a floor will be ina bright state with

That is, it will be called "one eye" of Touryou.
Since the size of a tearoom is inherited from ancient times, although it must protect, they are the size of a furnace, the 4 sun angle of 1 shaku(1shaku=30.3㎝), the size of a tatami, and 3 sun of 1 sun half-a-sum ×6 shaku of ×3 shaku in inside.
The plane sizes of a tearoom are the foundations of the size of the building of a tatami from the size of a tatami.
As for the size of this tatami, it is unknown where it came out from . "It is a problem precedent to" sashi-gane(like a Japanese ruler)"."
It is the easiest to use a size called 3 sun of 1 sun half-a-sum ×6 shaku of ×3 shaku between capitals.
If "straw" and the size which can be made from a "rush" etc., i.e., the thing which deduced in ergonomics and was made sensuously, are measured by " sashi-gane", this means that they were such sizes and there is. As for a log, a bamboo, etc., a misfortune store actually has many natural materials measured by the eye.
If it is as an eye and the log selected as a thing of that kind of thickness is measured, the case where it becomes a size of 3-sun and 2-sun 8 minutes is common.
Thus, it can be said that the size of a tearoom is in human stink by experience and intuition called feeling if it determines and puts in another way preceding rather rather than the numerical value all calculated on the desk about the special feature.
The size which suited to movement Furumai(Manners of operation) promised at the conduct of a husband and a visitor and a brown place exactly is devised.
Moreover, the characteristic of the size in such a tearoom and the principle of how to decide a size are considered that the foundations of the composition of misfortune store structure are in the place applied also to halls and the doors other than a tearoom.
It flows into the composition of a tearoom, and although a rhythm is required, shade and INN(the Shadow ) and YOO(Light)) are blown there.

Regardless of fine, cloudy weather, rain, and
  the weather, as an airis in each, you have to
  make a tearoom.

You have to soften direct light to trees or eaves.
Thus,a tearoom and a bare ground consist of INN(the Shadow )and YOO(Light) by the softened sunrays.
The lighting of a floor must take care most with the lighting of a tearoom.
The visitor who entered the seat from the small entrance to a room goes to a floor first, and sees.
At this time, the circumference is dark and only a floor will be in a bright state with lighting.
The brightness degree of the lighting at this time becomes important. In the gold leaf of Retchi(iont) of one character of an axis with which dialogs of the silence of a visitor and floor decoration are exchanged, in addition at this time, a It comes floating palely.
It asks for the point of contact which shines, and the Japanese paper around lighting is stuck and adjusted.
Thuts, if it suits best when it sets, Bokuseki(Black paint Marks)will also fit in the best state.
It is very much difficult to have built the best lighting which was adapted for the tearoom.
A full tea presentation with a meal is performed by sunrays to the last, and, also in the lighting inside a tearoom, it serves as a standard. Moreover, dealing with a misfortune store must understand and build the atmosphere of tea where Cha-shou 's being used how in what kind of tool or Cha-shou is called for.
Then, the expectation of Cha-shou cannot be met if there is nothing.

Thus, if it suits best when it sets, Bokuseki(Black paint Marks)will also fit in the best state.