Japanese Traditional Culture

"Nuki-Kouhou" which it lets pass on a pillar
  strong against a earthquake is secret of the
  strength of traditional architecture.

About 53 million residences will be located as of 2005 in Japan.
In the residence, the actual condition that earthquake-proof-ization is not progressing easily is clear for 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake or subsequent ones.
Most collapsed houses which took out victims with the Great Hanshin Earthquake were superannuated.
The wooden housing high density ground built disorderly at a postwar confusion term or the high-growth era has especially serious damage.
About 80 percent of victims were death from pressure by building collapse.
Let seismic intensity 6 be "the level to which an earthquake-proof low residence reaches collapse."
In a directly under type case, a victim appears in the underlay of the building which collapses within an instant in many cases.
The building built before 1981 when the earthquake-proof standard of the Building Standard Law was tightened up suffered serious damage.
The residence built on the old earthquake-proof standard now runs short of those with about21 million houses, and about 13 million houses run short of earthquake resistance.
It will be "the negative inheritance in the 20th century." however -- Japan -- a five-storied pagoda and three -storied pagoda it remains tower and still now [ much ].
At least a five-storied pagoda counts 25 towers in the whole country.
while it is Japan of an earthquake-prone country -- a number like this of five-storied pagodas and three -storied pagodas why is it that the tower remains?
According to the reference, by the "big earthquake of Ansei-era" in Ansei-era first year November (1853),it was especially attacked by the severe earthquake of magnitude 8 classes focusing on western part of Japan.

That is because it is built by the structure
  which absorbs any intense shakes.

For example, although it is good to be the man of the Client who has dealings over many years, there are more men of the Client who meets you for the first time in practice. If association also of it is more possible with a Client, it is still good, but there is nothing in a skillful stake so in fact. You have to receive an order of a Client between short period of times. I think that it can be answered that it is the case where those who have the reformation expense of a sukiya paid, and the person who uses are the same person if it thinks from our position and it is heard that reformation of the most difficult sukiya is something. This is wooden or is unrelated to saying [ the building of concrete ]. In reformation of a sukiya, high reformation of availability is the most difficult every day, furthermore a sukiya meets the visitor in a tea party etc., and is used in many cases. And it will become the most difficult reformation.
Moreover, since it is added to a part of habitation in many cases, there is a sukiya, even when a Clients lifestyle and the rhythm of a life change somewhat by it.
For example, after retirement age, although the residence was built, he hears that it may pass away early.

It is got blocked,"With no wind crease on a
  willow" is said.

This is considered that it is the big cause that the rhythm of a life changed suddenly. If a Client is a young person, it can be immediately adapted to reformation of a sukiya, but it is necessary to take care this thing especially at the time of persons of middle or advanced age, especially the man of advanced age.
Liking of a Client differs to each man, and is very difficult problems. It is how to feel liking of a Client or to pump exactly.
Although generally divided roughly into showy liking and simple favorite two, in reformation of a sukiya, such an easy thing is never managed. However, usually many people who expect reformation of a sukiya of a happy thing are informed of the "tea ceremony", and it is not possible that the liking becomes what deviated from the "heart" of tea.
Therefore, as long as it considers reformation of a sukiya on the basis of this thing, you may say that it is infallible.
Next, it is the view over reformation of a sukiya and an opinion of a Client. This is extension of the view about reformation of a sukiya, and all reformation, and it also has its work and an idea about life simultaneously.
There are rational, efficient, various functional targets, etc. Although it is paradoxical, "futility" needs "room" for reformation of a sukiya in practice.
It must be cautious of this thing and he has to understand a Clients idea well because there is even the necessity of separating from an everyday life.
An order of a Client differs in the method of an order by the knowledge and understanding of reformation of a Clients sukiya. "it said accurately" and " it having said vaguely" -- and -- or although it is variously, saying, "it said in consultation", this is in the state of a perfect blank paper, and must hear that well.
It is required to catch every word well so that expression which comes out in some parts of language especially may be held well and it may never counter it. Since an order is placed in the present state, even if an order of a Client is good, it can consider that a Clients view will change to a number of years or the back with progress of the manners of the tea ceremony, knowledge, etc. now.
It is required to also consider such things well. After a Clients social status, economic strength, etc. understand and do all things at a ' Clients lifestyle, liking, the view over reformation of a sukiya, an opinion, an order, and it, it goes into plan creation.
Relation of the beginning with such a Client is also a very important thing for a coordinator.
Naturally, although a plan is the translation to be completed by the time of reformation start of a sukiya, many things which a drawing, specifications, etc. can merely be accepted, and explanation cannot be then rendered at all, and cannot be described occur.
Therefore, efforts are required and must make it such so that the heart may fully lead to a Client and it may suit.

since it is strong, tough power can be put into that seemly form Sugata(Figure)
General housing